Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gone fishing

The fish were gone. :(

In retrospect (actually we knew this prospectively), fishing at 2 pm in the afternoon is unlikely to yield many fish.

Last weekend K and I packed up our bags and drove 2 hours south to Lake Jindabyne. The lake is rather pretty and supposedly fishy, so with our optimist hats on, we figured we'd catch a trout or two for dinner and figure out how to clean it later.

We might have been a little too confident though... First we hired rods at Steve Williamson's Trout Fishing Adventures and had to ask how to tie the lures onto the fishing line. :) The fellow at the shop was really pleasant to deal with though and taught us how to tie both lines. Highly recommended for low key, helpful service.

Then it was on with the sunscreen, and off to the lake!

Luckily K knew how to cast a line, and after a few mishaps involving me flinging the line out only to realise I hadn't opened the reel (I'm sure there's real terminology for that!), I began enjoying the process of casting, then frantically reeling this line back in. In hindsight I should have done what K did, which was to cast out the line and let it drift gently before slowly reeling it in.

And that's pretty much what we did for two hours, seeing as we didn't get any bites except from the seaweed. I ended up taking pictures of the cutest lure in the tackle box we hired.

 .. which was rather prescient, seeing as the seaweed ate this particular lure about 10 minutes later. *shakes fist at seaweed* I briefly considered wading out to recapture the lure, but thoughts of piranhas, icy cold water and other errant hooks embedded in the hungry seaweed dissuaded me.

At any rate, it was only too obvious that we weren't wholly prepared for this trip. Can you pick the odd car out?

Still, it was a gorgeous Autumn day, and the blue skies, warm sun, crisp air and breakfast mugaccino were much appreciated.

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