Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend in four photos

First of all, we found this poster in Kingston near the all-day breakfast cafe. Stay classy, Canberra!

I'm not sure if the pattern in the background just hints unfortunately of a swastika or whether it actually was a swastika. I do love the pink and black though.

Actually, I tell a lie... Before we found the poster, K and I visited the Gorman House Markets to have brunch with my Dancing Girl friends. Delicious Salvadorean pupusas and lovely ice chocolate-from-the-caravan aside, the markets were the same as ever, with a slightly damp aura and creepy/disturbing art exhibition. I don't understand photos of random, unexplained men lounging around in various states of undress. Neither do the Dancing Girls, who we discovered huddled in a defensive group approximately 3 metres from the most explicit photos when we'd finished our extremely quick glance-through the photos!

But on to better things...

We had dinner that night at the Locanda Italian Steak House. Italian + cooking steak is an interesting combo, and one that didn't really work when it came to my T-bone, which was slightly overcooked. However, we did get to cut our steaks with hunting knives! No steak photos, but here is K's hot chocolate in a funny cup and our friends' tiramisu dessert.

We were all fascinated by the little egg-cup-like cup for the hot chocolate.

In other news, I'm somewhat of a baptism junkie (yay for oxymoronic-sounding phrases!). A friend of ours got baptised today and as usual it was an uplifting and celebratory event, possibly made even more uplifting by the chlorine fumes from the pool. My favourite part was how our friend said "YES" in resonant tones in response to the "Do you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour?" question. K's favourite part was how the pastors dunked the people--very swiftly and abruptly.

The indoor pool area is especially pleasant on a cold Autumn morning.

Afterwards we celebrated with some passionate discussion about cultural differences, a book of insults, fruit ninja and copious amounts of food (hey, we're Asian) at Tilley's.

I think we managed to finish off all the food...

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