Friday, February 18, 2011

Only a week and a half late

So I could start this blog with a poignant post about the meaning of life, the joys of leaping into the (partly) unknown, musings about the things I will miss about Australia, the concept of living life to the fullest and explorations into what that means, how happiness is a state of mind, not the state you're in, yadayadayada.

But instead, I'll begin by showing off my first ridiculous purchase in Hong Kong.

This photo was in landscape, but blogger wants it profile and dog-tored the shot.

Some would say it's a dog of a bag, even pugly. That's a bit of a ruff assessment... and I would think they're barking mad because I'm awfully glad I bone it.

You're welcome. :) 

I think what really brings this bag into the realm of MEGA-AWESOME (or should that be mega-pawsome?) is that on the reverse, the same puppy print has little diamantes glued onto it so that each pug is wearing a necklace. The princesses of the pug world are parading their paws on my handbag and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The penguin (ridiculous purchase #2) approves. 
(Diamanted dogs not shown.)

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