Sunday, February 27, 2011

When life gives you lemons...

.. make lemonade.

Similarly when life gives you interminable stays in hotels, make hotel food!

Hotels don't offer many cookery options. You can order room service, eat the instant noodles or drink the minibar dry, but after a while, the genes that are responsible for the drive to COOK will be pinging loudly.

In such instances, it's time to turn to the wonders of the internets, and learn how to cook in a hotel!

All you need is an iron, foil, a kettle and food that doesn't need hours (or even minutes) of heating to become edible. We made macaroni with luncheon ham (okay, Spam) and quail eggs.

Step 1: Wrap Spam in foil.

 Step 2: Apply iron while humming a housewifely tune. 

 Step 3: Unwrap toasty hot (and wrinkle-free) meat-substitute!

 Step 4: Crack quail eggs into rinsed out Spam can, then scramble away.

Proof of cooking.

 Step 5. Pour boiling water on macaroni, let sit until macaroni is mostly cooked. 
Remove water and refresh with new boiling water before adding soup stock.

Step 6: Tilt head sideways and eat!

It was surprisingly enjoyable, though I suspect we will be investing in some sort of electric griddle in the near future.

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