Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If this blog were a horse

You would have heard some cries of, "Whoa, Nellie!"

You see, I started off on the wrong path. I'm not one for many adventures, more one for introspection and mulling over my thoughts, questions and rankling criticisms about what in the world is wrong with what is in the world today. In short, I would be an amazing producer of mulled whine.

And while I appreciate the people who bring sunshine into my life, and have tried to be the bringer of sun to others, it's clear to me at least, that it's not entirely natural for me to play that role. If I was to be the bringer of sun, that would also mean heat, an extreme heat that would burn you right up and leave you extra crispy, your head gently sending smoke wisps into the sky as you looked at me in shock.

But things have been changing here, so much so that I am tired of censoring my thoughts for fear of losing my friends through sudden combustion. I'll just have to trust that you will trust me (and remember to wear your fire-proof suit).

This morning, God told me to "Honour me with your thoughts." I interpreted that not as a rebuke, but as a call to service.

We've been going through lots of roadblocks and obstacles here, the latest of which is a game in which my health has been made the wager. If you think I have not been bitter or angry about this latest development, then you know some far sweeter version of me that doesn't exist.

But the me that does exist has finally stopped her horse and said, "Enough." I'm turning to ride on another path, one which isn't merrily populated only with photos of food, street photography and purchases. There will be dark, there will be light... it's life after all. If you wish to ride with me, you are very welcome.

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