Monday, July 18, 2011


So, pregnancy. Usually represented by softly-focused and warmly-lit pictures of beatific maternal types, gently cradling their round bellies while smiling a secret smile.

For me, it's been more like this:

Without the rainbow joy!

Seriously, I have worked out that I've thrown up more in the past month than I have thrown up in 26 years (I can't vouch for the first 5 years of my life... I'm pretty sure I was there, but have no memory of it). 

Pregnancy is a wonderful teacher, and today's lesson was that there are different shades of puking--one is basic heaving, which I've been doing proficiently for the past few weeks; and the other is projectile vomiting, which I managed for the first time today--luckily into the toilet bowl. *pats self on back*

For those who also undergo this unfortunate experience, I recommend a makeshift neti pot and cotton ear buds (inserted somewhere besides your ears), because your sense of smell is worth rescuing!


  1. Take care of yourself Wendy. Lots of pamperin' for you!