Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The answer most likely

Thanks to The Beach Boys

This sort of song makes me so aware of the passage of time, and how a life well lived is just full of the joy of mundane moments. When I look back at my old family photos, I most love the grainy shots of us all awkwardly posed at the beach. Dad is smiling proudly, Mum is wearing her polite smile (she only began really smiling in photos much, much later) and the kids look cranky and annoyed. It's their sheer reality that makes them what they are. Dad is proud of his family, Mum is awkward in front of the camera, the kids are cranky when the have to wait while dad sets up the camera timer. It's life, and life contains awkwardness and crankiness. It's rarely pretty as a picture, but it's beautiful in other ways.

I think that's why I love the grainy, amateurish nature of this video as well. It's just life, and truly, a poorly composed and low-definition shot of little kids running randomly toward the camera won't have any significance to many people. But in another way, it all matters very much in someone's heart, mind and memory, which makes it uniquely beautiful and joyful to watch.

I think I've always had a bias toward the beauty that doesn't strike you in the face, but takes some effort to find, because the effort increases the reward of finding that beauty--so that the end experience is richer and deeper. 

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