Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ear's the thing

As one of our many baby-related purchases, we bought a Braun ThermoScan ear thermometer thingamijig.

It's one of those where you stick it in an ear and I think it uses infrared to measure the temperature... or maybe it measures our infrared waves to figure out our temperature... or something. Er, I'm going to blame baby brain for the lack of research on this one. 

Anyway! Because it's very scientific to repeat experiments, I measured both my ears, only to find there is a very consistent temperature difference between the two. 0.6 degrees. My left side is usually warmer than my right.

Not sure what this means. Maybe I'm left-brained? Maybe I walk with a slight tilt to the left so that there is slightly more blood on that side? Alternative theories welcome!


The other news is that the "B" in Bjai might now stand for "butt", considering that it's his favourite past-time (besides hiccuping) to stick his little butt out to the left of my belly button. Occasionally he sways it to the right side--and watching that little bump slide across is very odd--but most of the time he prefers the left.

We've started giving it a little pat or a rub whenever he pokes it out, and I think he rather likes it... it'll poke out more when we stop. I guess we'll know how to soothe him when he comes out at least.

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