Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grrratuitous belly photos

This is what happens when I accidentally wear my top inside out so that my belly becomes a what essentially amounts to a big green hill. 

Grrr, roar!

By the way, I have a university degree and never have I felt so satisfied as when I was colouring in my dinosaurs.

Scientifically accurate colouring!

The entire set up rivals the production values of a top Hollywood movie studio, I tell you!

Academy Awards 2012, here I come.

I'm guessing Bjai didn't mind too much, seeing as he didn't kick throughout the whole thing. Did you know that babies hiccup in the womb? This one has several rounds of hiccups a day. Maybe I'll see if I can video him shaking the dinosaurs next time.

In the meantime, Bjai gets his closeup...

The next subject will be the Grand Old Duke of York!

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