Monday, January 23, 2012

The saddest sight I've ever seen

#1 My baby boy quietly shivering with cold after his bath, his head turned to the side and his little fists bunched up together.
#2 My baby swaddled up and being fed from a little cup of breast milk because he originally wasn't getting enough from me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When your bootie is not looking so cutie...

May I introduce the Greatest Underpants Known To Man (And Woman)? 

Mesh spa undies. I bow to you.

One of the things that pregnancy does to you (it's the pregnancy, I swear!!) is that various parts of the anatomy expand... and we're not talking just the belly. When I realised that my VPL could essentially be seen from space, I dug through my drawer of unmentionables and found an old pair of mesh spa undies that I'd pocketed from a massage place because they were so comfortable.

And they still are comfortable, incredibly so. They're basically seamless and made of loosely woven nylon threads that allow it to stretch incredible amounts while remaining soft and figure-hugging. And no VPL! They are the holey grail of underpants.

When I was searching for these underpants, I kept running into ecstatic reviews from post-partum ladies about the mesh underpants their hospitals supplied. It seems like mesh undies are the unspoken heroes and saviours of the post-partum experience, with many ladies plotting to steal extra underpants from their hospitals, looking up hospital supply shops for their fix or trying to lengthen the life of their existing mesh underpants through careful washing.

So there you have it! Move over Victoria's Secret, we have a Victorious Secret for mummies (and those blessed with voluptuous posteriors) everywhere. :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Waddle while you work

It's official. I now walk like one of these guys. 

Though I think he could beat me in a race, and that's if I have a head start. This is life at 37 weeks. :'(