Sunday, February 12, 2012

So, this sleep deprivation business...

Everybody (especially experienced parents) loves to tell you that you'd better sleep before the baby comes because you won't be sleeping for the next X number of years. The alternative pearl of wisdom is to sleep when the baby sleeps.

I'd always assumed that the former piece of advice was because babies tend not to sleep through the night, so you end up walking around in a zombified stupor at 3 am (and 4, and 5...) trying desperately to cuddle and rock the baby back to sleep. And I assumed that the latter piece of advice was offered because parents tend to use Baby Sleeping Time (TM) to rush around and complete household chores.

Nobody tells you that the reason new parents do not sleep is because they spend Baby Sleeping Time taking approximately 5489 photos of their sleeping baby who is in exactly the same position in every photo. Because nobody mentions that newborns sleep with their arms up. And nobody mentions that this is the cutest sight in the known universe, and that anybody with an Asian gene simply cannot help themselves but to pull out the camera and start clicking away like a lab rat pressing the reward button.

I think I may need some help.


  1. so cute! I wonder why babies sleep with arms in the air?

  2. I actually looked it up before. The answer seems to be either i) that they breathe better that way, or ii) that their arms were usually up around their face while in the belly so they just sort of stay up there for a while before they learn to put them down. But my favourite explanation was: "because it's cute and all babies innately know how to do cute things." :D