Monday, July 29, 2013

This is not microblogging

It's probably counted as nanoblogging. 

This crab has nothing to do with anything, 
but at least I own the image.

But just a note that while trying to think of names for my currently-in-my-head crafty business, I consulted the trusty Internet Anagram Server. The following suggestions (from different originating phrases) are, in my opinion, absolute gold:
*I had to look up the definition of meed, and it's another wonderful thing (or perhaps I should go to bed seeing as it's past midnight).
meed  (md)
1. A fitting recompense.
2. Archaic A merited gift or wage. (Source:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Birthday brulee

This is the first time I've made a creme brulee and my conclusion is that vanilla seeds are really tiny and oddly satisfying to remove from the pod.
Also, it's good to check that the blowtorch has gas in it before getting to the final step. Thank goodness for convection ovens!

Anyway, happy birthday Kevin! It's an honour to be married to you, even though you're kind of an oldie mouldy now.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On special occasions, you must have Cheese

This blog's description mentions occasional art, so here 'tis!

I painted this today while Brian watched me in utter fascination from his high chair, as opposed to wrapped around a leg (either mine or the table's leg... future pole dancer?), which he is rather inclined to do these days.

The painting's subject is Cheese, a German Shepard mix who belongs to a good friend that also lives in Canberra (and doesn't check this blog). It's postcard size, cut from watercolour paper, and will be postcarded to her when I figure out how to get it to her without it being damaged on its way over to her. Maybe a thin, clear plastic sleeve?

It was a quick and fun painting, and taught me that I prefer to paint with a subject, even if the result isn't lifelike. Here I wanted to capture the spirit of the Cheese, and think it went quite well!

[[Painted with Winsor & Newton Cotman pan watercolors. Incidentally, Brian's high chair tray makes for a fantastic neutral backdrop.]]