Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On special occasions, you must have Cheese

This blog's description mentions occasional art, so here 'tis!

I painted this today while Brian watched me in utter fascination from his high chair, as opposed to wrapped around a leg (either mine or the table's leg... future pole dancer?), which he is rather inclined to do these days.

The painting's subject is Cheese, a German Shepard mix who belongs to a good friend that also lives in Canberra (and doesn't check this blog). It's postcard size, cut from watercolour paper, and will be postcarded to her when I figure out how to get it to her without it being damaged on its way over to her. Maybe a thin, clear plastic sleeve?

It was a quick and fun painting, and taught me that I prefer to paint with a subject, even if the result isn't lifelike. Here I wanted to capture the spirit of the Cheese, and think it went quite well!

[[Painted with Winsor & Newton Cotman pan watercolors. Incidentally, Brian's high chair tray makes for a fantastic neutral backdrop.]]

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