Cringey writing

Beach I remember when we went to the beach that day. It was winter and instead of a mad dash to the water, screaming as as we kicked up burning sand, we turned and walked parallel to the waves. The beach is different in winter. Instead of hot blue and warm yellow there is instead a pastel stretch of pale sand leading to a distant vision of headlands seen through salty mists that fill your nose with the promise of oysters. Water Oh we missed the water, missed the way it would hammer on the roof in a metallic greeting. Missed the little rivers running in the corrugations and flying off the edge in triumph. When you opened your mouth to it, it tasted like rust and earth. It was good. There were days once when you could dive into a pool of water, feel its cool kiss wrap around your body like a deep green come to life. In the water you could keep a secret, or hide one if you wished. But what we have now is the absence of water, of cracks opening across the earth, across our fac

"Genre: Thriller" story

“So you gonna do it or what?” Paulie was the ringleader, the tallest of the boys, with white blonde hair that matched the long lashes fringing his eyes, giving him a permanent look of innocent surprise. His smile was anything but innocent though, the smile of a dog about to bite. Reid stood facing the half-circle of boys, five of them, shadows lit by the flickering glow of the lanterns in the shed. Though the flames warmed the still air, his skin was goose-prickly with cold. He tried to speak, couldn’t. Paulie rolled his eyes, turned to smirk at the boys on either side. “He might be Reddy Reid but he sure isn’t ready.” Guffaws, echoing from the tin walls of the shed.  Reid shrugged his shoulders, stood up straight. “Yeah I’ll do it.” Silence now. Paulie fixed him with a glare, nose wrinkling like he smelled something horrible. “So the one in the middle. You gotta ring it. Right in the middle. It’s under the biggest angel in the graveyard, the one of the boy. Don’t ring the wrong one